The Transdisciplinary Centre For Longevity of the Institut Pasteur de Lille is proud to announce the third Longevity Symposium, to be held in Lille, 11-12th of December 2019.

Because a sustained homeostasis at many scales (genome, ER, mitochondria, cell, organ, organism) is the determinant of internal stability of organisms over time, the ability of our organism to cope with a variety of potential endogeneous or exogeneous stressors is the key to a health ageing. Sustained quality of life can thus be achieved by limiting exposure to avoidable stressors, and improving resistance and resilience to unavoidable stressors.

This year, the Symposium will highlight the importance of several pathways and systems and their connections at the whole organism scale.

  • Inflammation and immunity, at the crossroad of ageing pathways.
  • Autophagy  in the regulation of exogenous stressors : its roles in infectious diseases, and in brain plasticity in response to systemic factors.
  • UPR and mTOR pathways : deciphering cell-automous and cell non autonomous regulations.

In addition, a whole session will adress the development of therapeutic strategies for ageing related diseases (fatty e.g. liver diseases, myocardial infarction).

The symposium will be held at the Institut Pasteur de Lille, a 120-year old research institute located in the center of Lille, the vibrant heart of the French Flanders (50 minute train from Paris Charles de Gaulle, 30’ from Brussels and 1h30 h from London).


Benoit Déprez, 

Scientific Director of the Institut Pasteur de Lille


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